Ah, dating...it can be the worst of times, it can be the best of times. However, if you go on a date to one of these places, we pretty much guarantee it will be the BEST of times! Whether you are looking for ideas for an unforgettable first date, looking for an active adventure to prove your budding relationship, engaged and saving for that perfect wedding and needing a night out that is cheap or free, or wanting to rekindle the romance with your lifelong partner, this list will give you just what you need!

Cheap or Free Dates

Dating doesn't have to break the bank! Check out these fun local date ideas that cost less than $20 for 2 people. For more ideas, see our list of free things to do in Utah Valley!

Most Romantic Dates

Maybe not so great for a first date, these ideas will be perfect to go to with someone you truly care about. Of course, dining together is always a good time to talk quietly together, too, so see our Foodie Guide for a list of the best restaurants to take your date to.

Active & Adventurous Dates

The best ice-breaker dates are the ones that get you moving and are a little competitive! Here are some of our ideas! See our active adventurer list for more ideas.

Unforgettable Dates

Take your date somewhere that will make it hard for them to ever forget you! A lot of these ideas would also be creative places to propose! If you are heading in that direction, check out our engagement photo locations blog!

Seasonal Dates

Every time of the year in Utah Valley is loaded with fun activities for both group and single-couple dates, including festivals and outdoor activities. Keep an eye on our events page for more ideas.

Now that you have 50+ awesome ideas, it's time for the hard part: ask that special person to go on a date with you! Take a deep breath, be yourself, and HAVE FUN! Who knows, maybe you're next date will be with the person you end up getting engaged to! ;)