Fall Activities in Utah Valley

Embrace the enchantment of fall in Utah Valley, where a medley of seasonal activities awaits. Drive through the stunning Alpine and Nebo Loops, adorned with vibrant autumn hues. Elevate your perspective with the Sundance Fall Scenic Lift Ride, capturing sweeping views from Sundance Mountain Resort.

Dive into the essence of fall at Cornbelly's in Lehi and Spanish Fork, featuring intricate corn mazes and pumpkin patches. For a rustic retreat, immerse yourself in the charm of Rowley's Red Barn. Utah Valley invites you to savor the season's magic and create cherished memories amid its fall splendor.

Autumn Adventures in Utah Valley

Utah Valley ushers in autumn with a dynamic array of activities, catering to every seasonal inclination. Immerse yourself in the spirit of the harvest at lively fall festivals, where local flavors, live music, and artisan crafts converge in celebration. For a spine-tingling experience, venture into haunted corn mazes and join guided ghost tours that reveal the region's mysterious history.

Take to the trails for serene fall hikes, where colorful leaves paint the landscape in vibrant hues. And as nature's palette transforms, indulge in fall scenic drives along routes like the Alpine Loop and Nebo Loop Scenic Byway, witnessing the breathtaking fusion of mountains and foliage. Utah Valley offers an all-encompassing autumn adventure, blending festivities, thrills, tranquility, and awe-inspiring vistas into a singular, unforgettable paragraph.

Fall Festivals

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Fall Hikes

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Fall Events

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