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Embark on your next outdoor adventure in Utah Valley with our extensive guide to local experts and top-tier equipment rental services. Whether you plan to conquer the slopes, paddle down rivers, or trek through scenic trails, we have all the essentials covered.

Winter Equipment Rentals

Nordic Skiing and Snowshoeing

Explore The Nordic Center and Sundance with groomed trails and equipment for all levels, plus Sundance Mountain Resort's ski and snowboard rentals and repair services.

Sundance Mountain Resort: Rentals & Demos

Services: Wide array of ski and snowboard equipment for rent or demo. Convenience: Two rental locations, including the main Sundance Mountain Outfitters and the convenient SMO 2.0. Additional Offerings: Also provides comprehensive ski &…

Sundance Nordic Center

Activities: Offers an exceptional cross-country skiing and snowshoeing experience with well-groomed trails. Rentals: Provides a wide range of equipment for all ages and abilities, including high-performance gear. Unique Experiences: Hosts…

Top-Tier Instruction & High-Quality Rentals Ski & Snowboard Adventures

Summer Equipment Rentals

River and Water Activities

Experience the thrill of the Provo River with options ranging from tubing to rafting in Provo Canyon. High Country Adventure and Pro Rafting Tours offer guided and self-guided trips, creating an unforgettable adventure for all ages and experience levels.

High Country Adventure

Activities: A variety of river activities including tubing, rafting, and unique river experiences. Specials: Options range from self-guided to fully guided trips; famous for the Provo River Rafting experience. Extra: Unique rafting…

Pro Rafting Tours

Locations: Offers thrilling rafting experiences on the Provo River and other scenic locations. Options: Tailored experiences with guided and self-guided trips, accommodating different group sizes. Features: High-quality, custom-built rafts…

Equipment Rentals

Broad selections of outdoor gear for various activities. Get quality equipment at competitive prices from UVU Outdoor Adventure Center, Level 9 Sports Orem, and JJ's Rentals for all your adventure needs.

JJ's Rentals

Rentals: Specializes in paddleboard and snowshoe rentals. Advantages…

Provo Canyon eBike Rentals

eBike Rentals: Enjoy a smooth ride with our Super73 eBikes, featuring pedal and throttle assist, suitable for riders 5’1” to 6’8”. eScooter Rentals: Perfect for kids not yet ready for eBikes, our Hover 1 eScooters support up to 150lbs and a height of 4'5". Additional Gear: Enhance your adventure…

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With a wealth of expert guides and high-quality rental options, your Utah Valley adventure is just waiting to be discovered. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a first-time explorer, our comprehensive guide…