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Here in Utah Valley “bored” is not part of our vocabulary. There is constant entertainment and activities for friends and family to participate in. Although there are a lot of indoor activities, Utah Valley is known for the surplus of outdoor activities that visitors and members of the community can engage in. This Valley is surrounded by the beautiful Wasatch Mountains and Utah Lake is only minutes from downtown Provo.

No matter the season, there is always a plethora of outdoor activities.

Do you enjoy testing your endurance and strength? If so, take a drive to Rock Canyon and do a little rock climbing or run in one of the many marathons and 5ks that are hosted here in the Utah Valley during spring, summer and fall.

Take a leisure hike through the wilderness or take a day hike to the summit of Timpanogos, the second-highest summit of the Wasatch Mountains. See what Utah Valley looks like from 11,749 feet above sea level. The view is absolutely breathtaking.

Own a Jeep, four-wheeler or motorcycle? Take it out on the multiple dirt and paved roads set aside for the adventurous off-road enthusiasts.

Winter brings the joys of fresh powder and groomed runs at Sundance for the daring snowboarders and skiers. Rock Canyon Park is perfect for sledding and tubing with Seven Peaks minutes away for those who want to ice skate.

Enjoy the sun while taking a swim in Utah Lake during the summer. Have a boat? Bring it to Utah Lake and take the kids wakeboarding or water skiing.

Experience Utah Valley by taking advantage of the beautiful scenery and wilderness this Valley has to offer.

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