Sundance Mountain Resort

Make lasting summertime memories in this mountain retreat. Cradled in the heart of Mount Timpanogos, Sundance Mountain Resort has everything from horseback riding and hiking to mountain-top yoga and rustic art classes. Make Sundance your family's summer vacation tradition and find your happy here!

Summer Activities

Sundance Mountain Resort

Summer Theatre

Disney's Newsies the Musical Coming to the Sundance Summer theater. 2024 Dates: July 18 – August 10. Shows Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Bonus show on Tuesday, August 6.

Art Studio

Sundance Mountain Resort

Perfume Class

Create your own signature perfume scent using essential oils and natural ingredients. Our instructors will explain the structure and history of scent and introduce over 40…

Pottery Class

Feel clay take shape beneath your fingers in an Art Studio Pottery class. Make and glaze your own wheel-thrown or hand-built pieces. Sundance master potters will fire your…

Journal Making Class

See your memories take shape beneath your hands as you create your own custom leather journal. Design and imprint the leather cover with metal stamps and burning tools…

Soap Making Class

See and smell the unique Sundance soaps take form in our soap making class. Learn about the ingredients used and choose different essential oils and botanicals to create…

Glassblower Studio

Visit the Art Studio’s Glassblowing Studio to watch the poetic motions of Master Glassblower Gustavo Calderon and his team of glassblowers who bring with them the…

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