4 Ways to Reuse & Recycle in Utah Valley

Reducing waste at home is a habit we strive to maintain, but it can be challenging to continue these sustainable practices while traveling. Here are some easy eco-friendly strategies to help you minimize your environmental impact when visiting and staying in Utah Valley.

1. Reusable dishware

While not all restaurants offer meals on reusable dishes, almost all of our local coffee shops have reusable dishware. If you didn't bring your own reusable coffee cup, ask to eat in and use a glass coffee mug at places like Java JunkiePeace on Earth Coffee, or Hot Chocolate at Taste.

2. Pack Reusable Bags & Containers

Avoid contributing to landfill waste by bringing reusable water bottles. This not only helps the environment but also saves money by eliminating the need to purchase expensive bottled water. Check out local refill stations for convenient access to fresh water.

Simplify carrying your belongings around town by packing a couple of slim, reusable bags in your suitcase. This small step will help you avoid extra plastic waste, especially during your grocery shopping trips.

3. Skip the Paper

Opt for digital solutions to reduce paper waste. Download apps for ski maps, bus routes, and plane tickets to keep everything on your device. When dining out or getting takeout, politely decline extra napkins and utensils, and ask for your receipts to be emailed instead of printed. Every little bit helps in reducing paper waste.

4. Use Zero-Waste Toiletries

Reduce the number of single-use bottles by packing reusable travel containers for your lotions, face wash, and sunscreens. Consider using biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes, shampoo and conditioner bars, and safety razors to lighten your load and decrease your environmental footprint.

By incorporating these simple strategies, you can help preserve the natural beauty of Utah Valley while enjoying your stay.