Hidden Gems in Utah Valley

Discover the lesser-known, yet astonishingly unique aspects of Utah Valley that defy common expectations. This guide unveils surprising attractions that showcase the diversity and hidden wonders of the area.

Nature & Adventure

Historical & Cultural Gems

Discover Utah County's unique attractions: historic Camp Floyd, serene Krishna Temple, inspiring Christa McAuliffe Space Center, and intriguing Moons Rare Book Museum.

Entertainment & Leisure

Explore Utah County's vibrant entertainment: from gaming at The Grid, live music at Velour, to Evermore's fantasy park. See the world's rarest motorcycles at Legends Motor Co.

Legends Motor Co.

Located in Springville, Utah — one of the most expansive and unique motorcycle history experiences…

Festivals Every Weekend

Experience the vibrant culture of Utah Valley through our diverse festivals! In June, enjoy the Spanish Fork Rodeo and Strawberry Days in Pleasant Grove. July brings the American Fork Steel Days and Spanish…


Discover Utah Valley's agrotourism gems: Snuck Farm, Rowley's Red Barn, Thanksgiving Point, Cornbelly's, Payson Fruit Growers, and Southridge Farms.

Snuck Farm

Snuck Farm elevates community health through quality produce and educational initiatives. With a…

Harward Farms

Harward Farms stands for three generations of farming passion, offering top-quality produce and…

Payson Fruit Growers

For over six decades, Payson Fruit Growers have specialized in Montmorency tart cherries, known for…

Rowley's Red Barn

Rowley's Red Barn in Santaquin showcases the farm-to-table experience with its fresh fruit, homemade…

Thanksgiving Point - Farm Country

Thanksgiving Point's Farm Country offers a hands-on farm experience, where visitors meet and learn about animals. It's a perfect place for animal lovers to explore the life of a farmer and engage with nature.


Cornbelly's is the ultimate fall destination, featuring a corn maze, rides, and a pumpkin patch. It combines rural charm with family fun, making it a cherished spot for creating lasting memories.

Culinary Gems

In Utah County, a culinary paradise with over 900 international restaurants awaits. From family-friendly spots to award-winning dining in Provo, every taste is catered to. Explore global flavors, enjoy culinary tours, and discover the Sugar Trail for a diverse and delicious experience.

Sugar Trail

Utah is known to have TONS of dessert shops. The cultural influence of our region makes this one of the best places to try delicious desserts! Utah's "Sugar Trail," is a delightful exploration of unique soda creations, ice cream wonders, and artisan chocolates.

Soda Shops

Utah, the land of stunning landscapes and unique culinary delights, has a secret bubbling beneath…

Ice Cream Shops

Celebrate the summer season with a delightful frozen treat as we embark on a journey through Utah…

More Desserts

Utah Valley loves sugar! Here are some of the top-rated desserts in the valley!