If your blood runs blue, this guide is for you!

I love BYU Football. A game at Lavell Edwards Stadium is an experience but can also lead to a nasty headache. Don't let anything drag your game day down (except maybe a BYU loss). Here at the Utah Valley Convention and Visitor's Bureau, we have compiled some of our game day tips and tricks for your benefit.


Make sure you park in a designated parking lot. One of our staff's brother-in-law parked over at Brigham's Landing (where Apollo Burger, Jamba Juice, and Great Harvest are located) and after the game found out that his car was towed. Instead park in one of the BYU parking lots by the Marriott Center or across the street from the Hinckley Building.


If you have bench seats, it can get pretty uncomfortable after a few hours. Rent stadium chairs at Gates 1,3,5,6, and 11. Or save a couple bucks and bring a blanket for some extra cushion.


Saturday's game is a whiteout game so make sure you are decked out in white. Also, learn the fight song. You won't regret it.


There are a lot of delicious food and drink options in the Stadium, but there are a few things you just HAVE to get. First, try a Cougartail, a long maple-frosted doughnut. It's a BYU tradition. Also try the kettle corn (which our in-house kettle corn connoisseur says is the best kettle corn she's ever had). There is one thing you won't find in the Stadium and that's caffeine. So either drink up before the game (Swig is down the street) or get really creative about sneaking it in.


BYU has changed its policy on tailgating for the better. The lot outside the Marriott Center is open at 6 AM on all home game days and remains open until 3 hours after the game. RVs and other oversized vehicles will be allowed to park there until 5:15pm. Please only use propane and wood-pellet grills.

Meet the Players

The Cougar Walk gives attendees a chance to high-five the players as they walk into the stadium. It takes place 2 hours before kickoff (so 6:15 PM this Saturday) and is right behind the East stands.


Want to avoid the crazy traffic jam after the game? Stick around the stadium for the after-game concert by the Cougar Marching Band. It's a fun little show and by the time it is over, traffic has usually calmed down.