Festival of Colors

The Holi Festival of Colors at the Rhada Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork draws thousands out to Utah Valley every year with a color-throwing extravaganza in the shadow of the mountains. Attend the festival in late March and experience a chalk throw, listen to all-day concerts, join a free yoga class, and eat incredible food.


Restaurants Near the Festival of Colors

Some of the best restaurants near the Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork are located in Salem and downtown Spanish Fork. Whether you're looking for a historic drive-in or a great place for desert, check out these restaurants.

Hotels Near the Festival of Colors

The two closest hotels to the Festival of Colors are the Hampton Inn & Suites and the Quality Inn in Spanish Fork.

Llama Farm at the Krishna Temple

There’s more in Spanish Fork to see and do. Just next door to the Radha Krishna Temple you can visit the Utah Valley Llama farm where you’ll find—you guessed it—adorable, fluffy llamas.