Here in Utah Valley, we are known for our outdoor adventures. With the enormous Wasatch Mountains to the east and the vast Utah Lake on the west, the discoveries and activities in nature are endless. With so many options, we decided to narrow it down to the top 10 places that you need to explore for yourself this summer!

1) Zip Line at Sundance

zip line sundance

Sundance Mountain Resort is one of the most popular places in Utah Valley, and for good reason! There is so much to do there, including a spa, an outdoor theater, and amazing restaurants, but one of our absolute favorite things to do there is ziplining! With over 2,100 feet of vertical drop, it is the biggest drop of any zip line tour in the United States. Not only will you have a rush of adrenaline and so much fun going up to 65 miles per hour, but the views from the zip line are amazing, overlooking the breathtaking surrounding mountains and forest.

2) Find a Waterfall

battle creek falls

One of the best ways to cool off on a hot summer day is to find some water and play in it! We have many hikes in Utah Valley that lead to a water source! Some of the most popular waterfalls are Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon, Grotto Falls off of the Nebo Loop, Stewart Falls between Aspen Grove and Sundance, and Battle Creek Falls in Pleasant Grove. Each are beautiful, easy to get to, and fun to splash around in!

3) Visit Timpanogos Cave

timp cave optimized

Timpanogos Cave National Monument is known for being one of the best cave experiences in the U.S. Open mid-May to mid-October, you can get to the cave by first taking a steep, paved 45-minute hike up to the cave, and then once you arrive, you go on a ranger-led trip through the cave for $8. While there, you will have the opportunity to see many different unique rock formations, bats, and striking colors of stones.

4) Go Jet-Skiing on Utah Lake

utah lake jet skiing

Nearly 24 miles long and 13 miles wide, Utah Lake is a vast and uncrowded lake that makes jet-skiing on it so much fun. Going speeds of up to 45 mph, you can ride for a long time and not worry about anyone being in your way. The wind in your face and the water splashing are great complements to the thrill of going over waves. Most jet-skis can hold up to three people, or you can brave the waves alone. Jet skis can be rented at various places near the lake, including at Utah Lake State Park. While at the lake, check for warning signs, and be sure to stay out of the water in areas that contain algae.

5) Go Tubing Down Provo River

provo river tubing

The Provo River leads from the mountains of the Uintah-Wasatch-Cache mountain range to Utah Lake, but right outside of the city of Provo, within the Provo Canyon, is an excellent spot to get some tubes and float down the river. Bring your own tube and hop on the river at an appropriate public place, or rent a tube from a company, such as High Country Adventure or BYU Outdoors Unlimited. For other fun activities on the Provo River, check out Run Off River Adventures. Also, don't forget to wear a life jacket!

6) Go Rock Climbing in the Mountains

rock climbing

Rock climbing is only possible where there are a lot of rocks and cliffs, and in Utah Valley we have that. If you venture into American Fork Canyon, you will be able to find various spots that are popular for rock climbing. When you go, be sure to wear the proper equipment, including a helmet, and never go alone. If you are not experienced in rock climbing, go with somebody who is experienced and maybe even try practicing at a local indoor rock climbing gym beforehand, such as The Quarry or Momentum!

7) Hit the Trails on a Bike

mountain biking

There is nothing quite like mountain biking, especially in the mountains we have here. Some trails are tranquil to bike along, while others are very challenging and require a lot of endurance. No matter the trail though, you are sure to find beautiful scenery and have an exciting time. View our maps to see what place you would like to discover on bike, or scroll through our hiking list to find the right trail for you.

8) Go Camping


Camping is an amazing way to adventure outdoors. There are many spots within the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache mountains to go camping, where you can sleep in a tent or on a hammock under the stars and roast s'mores at a campfire. Many campgrounds are also very close to hiking trails, lakes, and other fun outdoor adventures.

9) Go on a GeoTour

gps in forest

Geocaching is an often misunderstood activity. Let us dispel some myths. First, you do not have to be an expert with a GPS to geocache. We all use GPS devices everyday to get from one place to another, the only difference in geocaching is that you use coordinates instead of names of places. Honestly, the hardest part about using a GPS is just plugging in the coordinates, but once you get past that you're set! Second, geocaching is not boring. You get to find new places, in search of a mysterious treasure! It really does feel like a scavenger hunt and you never know what you might find at the "X" that marks the spot. And third, geocaching will not make you get lost. Many geocaches are logged with clear directions on how to get to them. 

10) Visit Clas Ropes Course

clas ropes course rock climbing

Clas Ropes Course is an exciting outdoor place off of Center Street in Provo, near Utah Lake. The Provo River runs next to it, so some of the activities offered there are canoeing, group cruises, and paddle boarding. On land, there is a giant swing, a zip line, team-building courses, and a rock climbing wall. Their newest activity is the Adventure Park, which takes you on a ropes course, high in the air. We recommend taking a group of friends or your family to make the most out of all the adventures offered there!

There are so many ways to enjoy the outdoors in Utah Valley, so get out this summer and have fun! Tag your adventures on social media with #exploreutahvalley.