Provo Canyon & Alpine Loop Campgrounds

  1. Mount Timpanogos Campground (East Side) - Located on the east side of Mount Timpanogos, this campground offers stunning views and convenient access to hiking trails.

  2. Mount Timpanogos Campground (West Side) - Situated on the west side of Mount Timpanogos, this campground provides beautiful scenery and easy access to the Alpine Loop.

  3. Provo River Resort - Nestled along the Provo River, this resort offers a peaceful setting for camping and opportunities for fishing and water activities.

  4. Theater-in-the-Pines Group Campground - Perfect for group camping, this campground is surrounded by pine trees and offers a charming outdoor setting for gatherings.

  5. Timpooneke Campground - Located near Timpanogos Cave National Monument, this campground is an ideal base for exploring the caves and enjoying scenic hikes.

  6. Mutual Dell Campground - Situated in a picturesque Valley, this campground offers a serene atmosphere and access to hiking trails and nature walks.

  7. Little Mill Campground - Set amidst the scenic beauty of Little Mill Canyon, this campground provides a tranquil getaway with opportunities for fishing and wildlife spotting.

  8. Salamander Flat Trail Head Campground - Positioned along the Alpine Loop, this campground is a great starting point for hiking and enjoying the natural surroundings.

  9. Altamont Group Campground - Ideal for group camping, this campground offers spacious sites and a peaceful ambiance for gatherings and outdoor activities.

  10. Granite Flat Campground - Situated just above Tibble Fork Reservoir, this campground is a popular spot for fishing, paddle boarding, and swimming in the nearby lakes.

  11. Noble Campground - Located just above Silver Lake Flat Reservoir, Noble Campground provides a peaceful retreat for campers seeking relaxation and outdoor recreation.

  12. Kimball Campground - Ball Campground is just north of Noble Campground and provides the same secluded and serene camping experience. 

  13. Hope Campground - Hope Campground can be accessed through Kyhv Peak Road (formerly known as Squaw Peak). This campground offers a peaceful atmosphere and beautiful views of the valley.

  14. Rock Canyon Campground - Nestled in Rock Canyon, this campground offers a serene getaway with access to hiking trails and rock climbing opportunities.

  15. Nunn's Park - Located near Provo, Nunns Park provides a convenient camping spot with access to water activities and a tranquil setting for relaxation.

Utah Lake Campgrounds

  1. Lake Shore RV Park - Located on the shores of Utah Lake, this campground offers RV sites with beautiful lake views and amenities such as hookups, picnic tables, and fire pits.

  2. Lake Shore Campground - Situated near Utah Lake, this campground provides a scenic setting for tent camping. Visitors can enjoy nature walks and fishing while being surrounded by stunning lake views.

  3. Lakeside RV Campground - Offering a tranquil lakeside experience, this campground features RV sites with convenient amenities like hookups, picnic tables, and fire pits. Enjoy the serenity of Utah Lake in a picturesque setting.

  4. Utah Lake State Park Group Campground - This campground within Utah Lake State Park offers group camping facilities for larger gatherings. Enjoy outdoor activities, scenic views, and access to the lake for water-based fun.

  5. Lincoln Beach Campground - On the southeastern shore of Utah Lake, Lincoln Beach Campground provides a peaceful atmosphere for camping. Set up your tent or RV and enjoy the natural beauty and recreational opportunities available.

West Utah Valley Campgrounds

  1. Soldiers Pass Lower - Located next to some great ORV trails and a shooting range, This campsite offers some great desert activities.

  2. Camp Eagle Mountain - As a good base camp for ATV, Mountain Biking and Hunting, this camp is situated just outside of Cedar Fort. It is arid and dry in the desert around this campsite.

North Utah Valley Campgrounds

  1. Flight Park Campground - The flight park at the point of the mountain is one of the most popular paragliding locations in the country. You can stay while learning to fly. Here is a list of some flight schools at the flight park.

South Utah Valley Campgrounds

  1. Springville / Provo KOA Holiday - Nestled in South Utah Valley, the Springville KOA Holiday offers a convenient and comfortable camping experience. With a range of amenities and well-maintained campsites, it's the perfect base for exploring the surrounding natural beauty.

  2. Whiting Campground - Situated in a picturesque setting, Whiting Campground is a hidden gem in Utah Valley. Surrounded by lush forests and offering scenic views, it provides a tranquil escape for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

  3. Spanish Oaks Campground - Offering a serene atmosphere and breathtaking vistas, Spanish Oaks Campground is a nature lover's paradise. Campers can enjoy hiking trails, wildlife spotting, and a peaceful camping experience in this beautiful campground.

  4. Payson Outback - If you're seeking a rustic camping adventure, Payson Outback is the ideal destination. Tucked away in the wilderness of South Utah Valley, this campground offers a remote and secluded experience for those looking to ride the OHV trails in the area. 

Springville & Spanish Fork Canyon Campgrounds

  1. Cherry Campground - Surrounded by picturesque views in Hobble Creek Canyon, this campground offers a serene retreat for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

  2. Buck Hollow - Nestled in the back country behind provo peak, Buck Hollow Campground provides a peaceful setting for camping, hiking, and enjoying the beauty of the surrounding area.

  3. Balsam Campground - Located in Hobble Creek Canyon, Balsam Campground offers a tranquil escape with its lush surroundings and access to outdoor activities such as fishing and hiking.

  4. Sawmill Hollow Campground - Tucked away in the canyon’s scenic landscape, Sawmill Hollow Campground offers a peaceful atmosphere and opportunities for outdoor adventures like hiking and wildlife viewing.

  5. Hawthorn Campground - Hawthorn Campground is just south of Sawmill and offers the same beautiful landscape, amenities, and activities.

  6. Three Forks Campground - If you plan to take a dip in Fifth Water Hotsprings, this is the campsite for you. Three Forks is just down the road and is the closest campsite to the hotsprings.

  7. Diamond Fork Campgrounds - Diamond Fork Campground is halfway between Fifth Water Hotsprings and Red Ledges, making it a great location for soaking in a natural spring and also exploring some unique geological features in the red sandstone. 

  8. Diamond Campground - Diamond Campground is a larger campground in the canyon and provides more amenities than the other locations. It is also closer to the mouth of the canyon. 

  9. Spanish Fork River Park Campground - Located along the banks of the Spanish Fork River, this campground offers a peaceful atmosphere and opportunities for fishing, picnicking, and relaxation.

  10. Sheep Creek Camping Area - This is a popular campsite in the area, so if you’re picky about your spot, make sure you get there with enough time to choose. It’s a great area with beautifu mountain views.

  11. Madsen Bay Campground - On the beaches of the Scofield reservoir, Madsen Bay Campground offers a peaceful lakeside retreat with opportunities for fishing, boating, and enjoying the natural surroundings.

Nebo Loop Campgrounds

  1. Maple Bench Campground - Located in the scenic Nebo Loop, Maple Bench Campground is a tranquil spot for camping, hiking, and immersing oneself in nature's beauty.

  2. Maple Lake Campground - Nestled within Nebo Loop, Maple Lake Campground provides a serene setting for camping, fishing, and enjoying the peaceful ambiance of the area. It is the closes site to the small Maple Lake.

  3. Payson Lakes Campground & Group Campsite C - Payson Lakes Campground offers a peaceful getaway for camping, fishing, and exploring the nearby trails. There are several campgrounds around the lakes and you can find great spots on each.

  4. Blackhawk Campground - At an elevation of 8,000 feet, visitors can enjoy hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails around the area. The blackhawk trailhead and Loafer Mountain Trailhead are both located in the campground.

  5. Ponderosa Campground - Just 10 miles from Nephi, Utah, in Bear Canyon is Ponderosa Campground. Salt Creek runs through the campground offering a great location for ishing, hiking, and horseback riding in the area. 

  6. Cottonwood Campground - Just up the rod from the Nebo Bench Trailhead, Cottonwood Campground is a great place to fish, camp and hike.

  7. Bear Canyon Campground - Heading up the road just a bit further brings you to Bear Cnayon Campground. Offering the same great activities as Ponderosa Campground and Cottonwood Campground. 

Backpacking Campsites

These campsites can only be reached by foot trail. So if you are looking for a great place to camp that is even more secluded from the general camping public, check out some of these great places to enjoy nature.

  1. Silver Lake - With a 4.4-mile hike in and out from the trailhead at Noble and Kimball Campgrounds, you can make this trip a multi-campsite experience with lots of great fishing!

  2. Lake Hardy - The trail to Lake Hardy is 10.9 miles round trip starting near Alpine Utah. The trek is well worth the destination, as you’ll find yourself next to an untouched lake surrounded by greenery and white granite mountains. 

  3. Emerald Lake - Emerald Lake is along the trail to Mount Timpanogos, If you have ever wanted to climb to the top but are deterred by the 14-mile trek in and out, You can rest for the night near this beautiful glaciated lake. Hang out with a herd of mountain goats and summit the mountain in the morning!

If you want to learn more about the hikes you can do while camping, check out our blog post on the 50 best hikes in Utah County.