Utah County residents are not strangers to the weekend parking and traffic battles of BYU home football games.

Playing parking chicken begins long before the game or pre-game does, as people try to find parking spots around the stadium. Parking can be a nightmare as thousands of families, students, and visitors fill the stands of Lavell Edwards Stadium.

Below is a map of all the BYU parking lots with a color-coordinated legend. 

Lavell parking map

Student, Graduate, and faculty parking lots on the BYU campus are open on weekends and of course visitor parking. The above map is up-to-date and current. We recommend avoiding student housing parking lots, as parking there is already limited for the student residents and you're likely to get a parking ticket.

BYU Public Parking

The green lots on the football parking map offer free gameday parking options. Refer to the campus map for further guidance on locating suitable spots.

Motorcycle Parking

Dedicated motorcycle parking is available in the northwest corner of parking lot 3. No pass is required, but spaces are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Cougar Club Parking

Reserved for bronze level and higher Cougar Club members, lots 1 through 11 provide exclusive parking opportunities. You'll have to have a special parking permit to enter these lots on gameday.

ADA Parking at BYU

Lot 58, known as the IT Building lot, is reserved as a disability parking area. Accessible shuttles operate three hours prior to kickoff and one hour after kickoff. Cougar Club members also have disability parking access.

RV Parking

For RVs and oversized vehicles arriving less than three hours before kickoff, a parking lot at 2230 North 150 East offers latecomer RV parking. Tailgating is not allowed in this lot.

More BYU Parking Lots

For even more Parking options than those on the map, check out the BYU Public Parking Map.

Also note that the lots immediately adjacent to the stadium, including the west stadium lot, are reserved for pass holders. Not to worry though, we’ve got a few parking ideas to help you out.

Parking Tips:

  • Plan ahead
  • Walk if you live within a mile or so of the Stadium, especially at the beginning of the season while the weather is still beautiful.
  • Get there at least one hour beforehand to ensure time to find better parking
  • Carpool, the fewer cars the better
  • Use public transportation, UTX is one of the best ways to skip the traffic to BYU football games.
  • Don’t leave all at once after the game, hang around and chat for a bit and wait for traffic to simmer down.
  • No Overnight RV Parking is allowed on any campus lots.

Places to Park:

  • Marriott Center
  • Law School
  • Smoot Administration Building
  • Richards Building
  • Tanner Building
  • intramural field west of University Avenue
  • Hinckley Center
  • Bean Museum
  • BYU TV Lot
  • Neighborhoods near the MTC/Temple
  • Lot east across from the Hinckley Center
  • BYU Indoor Practice Facility Parking Lot

Most importantly, stay safe! Let us know where your favorite places to park for the games in the comments. May the odds be ever in your favor in finding parking. Good luck!