The Wild West

Total Driving Distance - 13.5 Miles. Total Driving Time - 18 Minutes.

West of Utah Lakes lies a treasure trove of interesting historical sites. As you visit these destinations, you will gain an appreciation for those that inhabited Utah Valley before us, from the Native Americans to those at the US Army outpost before the Civil War.

Camp Floyd

Camp Floyd 18035 W 1540 N, Fairfield, 84013 - In 1858, the US Army arrived in the Cedar Valley to suppress a supposed Mormon rebellion. They established Camp Floyd, which hosted 3,500 residents at its peak, which was nearly one-third of the entire army, and was the largest military installation before the Civil War. Camp Floyd State Park now features three structures and a cemetery, including a museum to help teach about this nationally important site. Costumed interpreters will tell the story of the camp, march and drill with replica rifles, host museum tours, and build whirligigs. During the summer and fall, Camp Floyd hosts various events, including weekly camps for Boy Scouts where they enter the world of a 19thcentury soldier.

Eagle Mountain Petroglyphs

Eagle Mountain Petroglyphs - Around a dozen petroglyphs were discovered when Eagle Mountain was under development are primarily from the Fremont Indians, who lived in the area from 500 to 1300 A.D., though some of the other drawings found may be from 6000 B.C., making them some of the oldest in Utah. The petroglyphs will be incorporated into the trails and parks of the subdivision, including signs describing the history of the art. The ancient art can be found in different places along the trail in north Eagle Mountain in the Oquirrh Heights Subdivision. These petroglyphs are different from most others, as they depict people in different actions, which doesn't happen in rock art normally. Figures are shown dancing, hunting and farming, and there are many animal and plant figures in the art.

Pony Express Trail Marker

Pony Express Trail - Sandpiper Rd and Pony Express Parkway - Along with the petroglyphs, Eagle Mountain is making an effort to highlight the Pony Express trail, which used to go through the area. The Pony Express mail service delivered from Missouri to California before the telegraph was invented, and featured horseback riders changing every 100 miles at stations. Benches have been installed along Pony Express Parkway, along with signage providing valuable information about the history of the area, including Lake Bonneville, the Pony Express Trail, and the Native American Tribes that lived here. The Pony Express Monuments in Eagle Mountain and Fairfield were dedicated in 2007. Every summer, Pony Express Days commemorates the riders, and celebrations include a parade, carnival, demolition derby and other activities.

Porter's PlacePorter's Place 24 W Main Street Lehi, UT 84043- Get transported back to the Old West as you walk in this saloon-esque restaurant specializing in thick-cut steaks, burgers, and seafood. The family-friendly eatery pays tribute to Porter Rockwell, an iconic Mormon pioneer and bodyguard to LDS leaders Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. There are many relics that contribute to the Western feel of the restaurant; you will find the original Beehive clock from Hotel Utah, a bar built in 1881, and several large statues of Porter Rockwell himself.

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