Roots of Knowledge

  • 800 West University Parkway
  • Orem, UT 84058

Roots of Knowledge is a panorama of history and human drama. The intricate details incorporated into every window represent years of painstaking research on the events and people that shaped humankind from the days of wooly mammoths and cavemen to the iPhone.

80 individual complete panes of stained glass. More than 60,000 pieces of glass used along with rock, fossils, coins, meteorite, petrified wood, and coral. The work spans 200 feet in length by 10 feet in height. Roots of Knowledge took more than 12 years to complete from inception to completion. Glass types used include Uroboros, Youghiogheny, Kokomo Opalescent Glass, Oceana, Spectrum, Lamberts, and Fremont. More than 350 UVU students participated in the project, as painters, project managers, programmers, designers, and artists, reflecting Utah Valley University’s commitment to engaged learning.