Mapleton City

  • 125 West Community Center Way
  • Mapleton, UT 84664
  • Overview
    Mapleton is situated between Hobble Creek and the Spanish Fork River, bordered by the majestic foothills of Sierra Bonita Mountain of the Wasatch Range. Mapleton is only 11 miles southeast of Provo. The area was used by early settlers in Utah County for livestock grazing, logging, and farming. The city was officially incorporated in 1948. Mapleton received its name from the groves of black maple trees found at the mouth of Maple Canyon. The settlement was temporarily named "Union Bench" because of the early settlers were united in making the community successful. Mapleton is a unique community with the advantage of having 60% of its land still undeveloped. Mapleton's atmosphere is warm and welcoming because residents and visitors enjoy open space, spectacular views, and in general a beautiful setting. The current population is approximately 6,500. The State projects a population of 20,000 in the Year 2020. Each July, Mapleton hosts the Mapleton Pioneer Days in honor of their pioneer beginnings.