Utah Valley is known for producing some phenomenal musicians. Imagine Dragons and Neon Trees are household names who got their start here, but the local talent pool is large and filled with independent artists making their mark in the music industry. While you may not be able to see these bands in concert currently with the COVID-19 restrictions in place, the variety of streaming options out there, such as Spotify, Bandcamp, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon Music or even Youtube, allows you to support these artists from the comfort of your own home. And when this pandemic passes, make sure to catch one of these bands at the Velour or one of our other live music venues!

The Strike

Genre: Pop/Rock

Latest Single: Nothing New (2020)

The Aces

Genre: Indie electro-pop

Latest Singles: Lost Angeles (Parental Advisory), Daydream (2020)

Foreign Figures

Genre: Alternative Pop/Rock

Latest Singles: Nothing  (2020), Give Me Some More (2020)

Harbor Patrol

Genre: Pop Punk

Latest Single: Drunk (2019)

Noble Bodies

Genre: Alternative Rock

Latest Album: Two Voices (2019)

Travis van Hoff (of Van Lady Love)

Genre: Indie Alternative Rock/Pop

Latest Single: Younger Now (2020)

The National Parks

Genre: Americana

Latest Single: Wildflower (2020)

John Allred 

Genre: Singer-songwriter

Latest Album: Anchor (2020)

Belle Jewel

Genre: Indie Pop

Latest Single: Out of Body (2020)

The Naked Waiters

Genre: Ukulele based Pop

Latest Single: Island Girl (2019)

Ryan Innes

Genre: Soul Pop

Latest EP: What I'm Looking For (2020)


Genre: Indie Funk/Rock

Latest Album: Shun the Yuck (2020)

The Moth & The Flame

Genre: Alternative Rock

Latest Album: The Moth & The Flame (2019)

Michael Barrow and the Tourists

Genre: Folk/Blues/Rock

Latest EP: Something New (2019)

Mia Grace

Genre: Pop/Rock

Latest Singles: Easier Not to Explain (2019), Hush (2019)

The Solarists

Genre: Indie Rock

Latest Single: Lonely (2020)

There are so many more musicians associated with Utah Valley than we could list here. Let us know some of your favorite local artists! Who does your Utah Valley playlist look like? You can check out our Spotify playlist below.