Utah winters can be dark, and cold, and may feel like our frosty weather will never end. Especially if you don’t ski or snowboard, you may feel left out or think you should just wait for spring to go outside, right? Wrong! For those who still want to enjoy the crisp cold air and snowy landscapes, here are just a few amazing winter hikes in Utah Valley.

5. Bridal Veil Falls

Let’s start off with one of our easier winter hikes: Bridal Veil Falls. This is one of our most iconic waterfalls in Utah County and is beautiful all year round. This is a great place to break in your new snowshoes or introduce your kids to winter hiking. The frozen 607 feet tall double cataract waterfall is worth the trip alone and you may even spot ice climbers scaling carefully up the waterfall.  

Bridal Veil Falls Ice Climber 

  • Difficulty: Easy (unless you're ice climbing)
  • Length: 1.4 Miles Round Trip
  • Elevation Gained: 114 feet
  • What to Bring: Snowshoes and Crampons
  • Getting There: Located on Hwy 189, Bridal Veil Falls is just a short drive from the mouth of Provo Canyon.


4. Nordic Center

If you want to enjoy the winter but are not sure where to go or what to bring, visit Sundance’s Nordic Center. They offer over 10 kilometers of dedicated snowshoeing trails with breathtaking views of Mount Timpanogos and Stewart Falls, giving you that true backcountry snowshoeing experience. They also have Night Owling, where you can become one with nature (and owls)! Night Owling is available from December to the end of March.

Mount Timpanogos Views at Sundance Mountain Resort - Winter Snow

  • Difficulty: Easy to Hard
  • Length: Varies (“Sundance Nordic Trail” is a 1.9-mile loop there and back)
  • Elevation gained: Varies (“Sundance Nordic Trail” gain is 534 feet)
  • What to Bring: Snowshoes or rent gear on site
  • Getting There: 2 miles up Hwy 92 from Sundance Mountain Resort turn left following the signs.


3. Silver Lake Trail

For those who want a challenge, try American Fork Canyon’s Silver Lake Trail. The gate to the trailhead is usually closed during the winter so expect an additional 3 miles. All your hard work will pay off with beautiful small frozen rivers along the way as well as seeing unique views of Mount Timpanogos.

The lake is usually frozen this time of year which adds a different kind of splendor you can only see in winter. The lake is less crowded (especially during the winter) so you will most likely have it to yourself! 

  Snowshoeing - @Brickmann

  • Difficulty: Moderate to Hard
  • Length: 10+ miles round trip with the gate closed, 4.7 miles round trip with gate open
  • Elevation Gained: 1,433 feet 
  • What to Bring: Crampons and snowshoes 
  • Getting There: Head east on UT-95 (Timpanogos Hwy) for 12.5 miles until turning left on UT-144 (towards Tibble Fork)


2. Battle Creek Falls

If you’re looking for one of the smaller and more intimate waterfall hikes in Utah, Battle Creek Falls is your jam. It’s a beautiful 50-foot waterfall that is also kid and dog-friendly so be sure to invite the entire family!

Once you get there you will be greeted with very cold falls cascading over the ice-covered cliff. This hike also provides a unique experience no matter what time of year it is. So make this hike a place you go all throughout the year to see the many different sides of Battle Creek Falls! 

Battle Creek Falls

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Length: 4.1 miles there and back
  • Elevation Gained: 1,847 feet
  • What to Bring: Crampons and poles
  • Getting There: East of Pleasant Grove. Follow East 200 S until you get to Kiwanis Park. Follow the trailhead labeled “Battle Creek Trail 050.”


1. Stewart Falls

If you saw Bridal Veil Falls but are wanting more, try exploring its close cousin, Stewart Falls. This is one of the most scenic and majestic falls Utah County has to offer. The falls are two tiers scaling over 200 feet tall.

Hiking up the trail you will get to experience hiking through forests and breathtaking views of Mount Timpanogos. In the Winter, you cannot access the falls from Mandan Summit at Sundance as in the warmer months. Be sure to start the hike to Stewart Falls in the Winter from the Aspen Grove Parking lot.

Snowshoes - @Brickmann

  • Difficulty: Moderate 
  • Length: 3.4 miles there and back
  • Elevation gained: 646 feet
  • What to Bring: Crampons and snowshoes
  • Getting There: Head east on the Provo Canyon (US 189), after the tunnel take a left (UT 92) and follow past Sundance Mountain Resort, parking on the left. 


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