Don't know if you've been hanging around downtown Provo recently, but if you have, you might have noticed some changes. In the past few months, seven new restaurants have popped up, adding to the wide variety of food options in downtown Provo. Let's meet the new kids in the neighborhood: 

Fat Daddy's Pizzeria

Fat Daddy's Pizza

22 S. Freedom Boulevard

Fat Daddy's Pizzeria has been acclaimed the best pizza in Provo by multiple blogs since it opened. Classic New York style pizza that will make your mouth water just thinking of it. Yum!  

Chelsea's Boutique

Chelsea's Boutique

285 W. Center Street

Chelsea's boutique is dedicated to making every woman feel beautiful. A unique boutique that has class, style, and enables woman in not only what they wear but how they wear it with styles from Chelsea's boutique. 

CHOM Burger

CHOM Burger

45 300 N. (across from Sodalicious)

CHOM burger is a delectable, trendy new burger joint where the whole family can enjoy a wonderful atmosphere, experience, and food. The burgers are mouth-watering and to die for! 

Lucy's Brazilian Kitchen

Lucy's Brazilian Kitchen

155 N. University Ave. 

Hold onto your seats folks, Provo just got it's first Brazilian Grill with Lucy's Brazilian Kitchen that opened this past weekend!! Go check it out just off University Ave. 

Broke Eatery

Image result for Broke Eatery provo

295 W. Center Street

Broke Eatery specializes in Cajun and Creole food, and have an especially tasty jumbalaya dish. 

For all you exotic food lovers, this is the place to be!


Sub Zero Ice Cream

Sub Zero logo 


62 E Center Street

Subzero's new and improved location is officially open!! 

Have a magical ice cream experience and see it made right before your very eyes. Come into the Visitors Office at 220 W Center St, Suite 100 for a complimentary 10% off coupon to SubZero. 


Coming Soon...

2255 University Ave Provo

Bahama Bucks