If you're a fan of waterfall hikes and are seeking an exciting late summer adventure, look no further than Timpanogos Falls.

Because of the record-breaking snow this year, the waterfalls are still flowing heavily. This year is an extraordinary opportunity to witness the cascades in all their glory.

Divided into Upper and Lower Falls, this guide provides all the information you need for an unforgettable late summer hiking experience, complete with the added beauty of fall colors.

2.4 Miles
Out & Back


Fall Foliage and Spectacular Views

As your journey unfolds, you'll be treated to a unique blend of nature's wonders – the impressive flow of the falls and the vibrant fall foliage.

The surrounding landscapes will be adorned in hues of red, orange, and gold, enhancing the beauty of the trail and making every step a visual delight.

Optimal Timing and Season

Plan your visit to coincide with the late summer season, especially at the end of August, when the falls are still flowing at their peak due to this year's remarkable snowpack. This is an extraordinary opportunity to witness the falls in full splendor.

Accessing the Trailhead

To embark on this adventure, make your way to the Mount Timpanogos Trail at Aspen Grove. If you've explored the Provo side of hiking Mount Timpanogos, you'll recognize this trailhead. The journey involves driving through the Sundance junction and a gate, with a $6 entrance fee. This small fee contributes to the preservation of our National Forests, a meaningful investment for any nature enthusiast.

Navigating the Trail

The hike commences with a moderate ascent, transitioning to a paved path after a brief distance. The trail will lead you to Lower Falls, approximately 1 mile from the start. As you trek through the landscape, you'll encounter switchbacks, rocky terrains, and captivating fall foliage.

The trail is well-marked with signs guiding you towards the falls. Keep an eye out for indications, cross a small bridge, and follow the path to the waterfall. While the trail offers limited shade, equipping yourself with essentials like hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen is advisable.

Timpanogos Lower Falls vs. Upper Falls

The Lower Timpanogos Falls presents a captivating sight that gradually unveils itself as you make progress on the trail. Upon arrival, you'll find various spots to admire the falls up close. In the spring and early summer, the falls may still be partly covered with snow, creating a nice contrast to the summer heat.

For those seeking an extra dose of adventure, an additional quarter-mile hike will take you to Upper Falls. The effort is well worth it, especially during this season. Although snow might still be present around Upper Falls, it shouldn't deter you. Simply exercise caution and assess the conditions as you go.

A Versatile Hiking Experience

The Timpanogos Falls hiking experience offers an ideal late summer adventure. Whether you're a seasoned hiker seeking a moderate challenge or a nature enthusiast captivated by fall's beauty, this trail accommodates all preferences.

With the falls still flowing at full capacity and the landscape adorned in fall colors, this late summer journey promises an unforgettable encounter with nature's grandeur.

As you prepare for this excursion, remember to pack your camera, comfortable hiking gear, and a spirit of exploration. Get ready to be awe-inspired by the majestic Timpanogos Falls against the backdrop of vibrant fall foliage.