We have the opportunity to check out Utah Valley venues, restaurants, and locations first hand and yesterday we had the treat of visiting the newly renovated Bell Room--located on Center Street in Provo. This vintage inspired venue is a living piece of American history located on the corner of University and Center in downtown Provo. If you want to have an unique, elegant event in a room filled of cobblestone floors, old-world fountains, and subtle southern charm, then this is your place. We have a feeling that by hosting your event here, it will be the talking point for the rest of the year! Really, who wouldn't want that?!

Here are some of the photos we took on our inside look! Thanks to Jason for his hospitality and tour. If you want more information about this location or the Under Ground Social Hall (to be featured soon) than give Historic Provo Town Square a call at (801) 812-9573 or visit www.oldadobe.com or utahvalley.com.