Today when we arrived at the Utah Valley Convention Center, we were surrounded by HUSKIES! Vans, RVs, and vehicles with license plates from around the country were gathered in the parking lots with traveling carriers full of HUSKIES! Of course, we had to take a walk around the carriers to meet all of these beautiful animals.  Our favorites were Misha and Kobe. These two were 6-month-old white and grey huskies that still had their lamb-like baby fur on and....attitudes! 
We are happy to announce that the Siberian Husky Club of America, Inc. will be in town until Saturday.  This means you have plenty of opportunities to come meet these huskies for yourself.  The best part about this is that the huskies will be competing in events that will be happening from 8 am- 4 pm everyday starting today.  The events they will be competing in include: Conformation, Rally, Obedience, and Agility.  We found out from speaking with owners this morning that these dogs are the best in the nation!  Last year, the owners and these doggy athletes competed in Boston, MA in this national event.  Basically, this is HUGE that Utah Valley gets the opportunity to host this organization.  

We also are happy to announce that this event is FREE to attend! So come on over to watch these beautiful animals hurdle and strut in person this year (instead of on the Eukanuba Championships live broadcasts on the t.v.).  
You can pop in at the Utah Valley Convention Center (220 W Center Street in Provo) anytime to experience these animals for yourself. 
Visit their website here: for more information about the Siberian Husky Club of America.  As always, check for other exciting events happening in the area.