Pop-N-Sweets is located in Provo on Bulldog Blvd just off of Brigham Young University. This place is amazing. If you like candy and soda you have found heaven. This place is full of candy from all over the world. We had a great time looking at all the chocolate bars from countries we have visited. Think a kid in a candy store, but more embarrassing because we are adults... They even had the pop-rock chocolate bar I'm in love with from Israel. They have over 700 different kinds of candy, so you will find something you love. If you're not into international sweets, they have american candy and retro candy from as far back as the 50's, where else can you find the cigarette candy? The only thing more impressive then the candy collection is the glass bottle sodas. They have 100s of flavors and brands. You can enjoy a ginger beer or a Jones Soda. At the soda bar you can try 13 flavors of Reading Draft on tap, with free refills. They have BYU Creamery ice cream to add to your soda for some really delightful floats. If you and your friends want to share, or you've had a hard day, get a "Monster Float". It's so big you have to use serving spoons to get to the bottom.


Check them out on Instagram with the hashtag #popnsweets and on Facebook. Every Tuesday they do trivia games on their Facebook for free floats. The best way to get your candy of choices in the store is to post a photo of it on their Facebook page. They say if one person wants it others will to! Stop by on Monday nights for the Family Night discount of 10% off.


Monday-Thursday: 11am-12am
Friday: 11am-2am
Saturday: 11am-12am