If you follow this blog, by now you know we love food. We love it a lot. This week for our spotlight we present a restaurant that took our love for food and moved it into the obsession area. That restaurant is Molly's at 753 West Columbia Lane, Provo. The best way I have to explain Molly's is to have you close your eyes and think of your Grandma's house. That's what the food tastes like at Molly's. (This will only work if you like your Grandmother's cooking; if you don't feel free to use my Grandmother's cooking.) They are only open Tuesday-Friday from 11 am to 2 pm so get there early because the line is out the door. Literally.

The whole menu is made-from-scratch. Everything we tried was amazing. Some of our new favorites were the hot cheddar biscuit, the 24-hour beef brisket, and the dutch oven potatoes. The restaurant is owned and operated by Marvellous Catering Co. located right next door. This means you can have this amazing food at your next special event!

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