The Greek N' Go has turned into a food truck. We found them parked today and stopped by to see what it was all about. It was great! The truck does Gyros and fries. We had the original Gyro, with lamb and beef. It was only $4 and we didn't really have to wait at all. They also offer Chicken Gyros, Hummus, French Fries, and drinks. Now I've had my fair share of Gyros, and I can tell you these were really good. The tzatziki sauce was fantastic and the veggies were fresh. The meat is served hot and you can smell it as you walk up to the truck. And it's always fun to eat out of a food truck. They are located on Canyon Road in front of where the Hokulia shaved ice stand used to be next to BYU. If you like Gyro, Greek food, or food trucks this is a must try.

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