Utah Valley is a hub of culinary diversity, and when it comes to pies, the options are as varied as they are delicious. Whether you're a local or just visiting, a tour of the top pie shops in this region promises a palette-pleasing adventure. Here's a guide to the 5 best pie shops in Utah Valley, each offering its unique take on this classic dessert.

5. Bianca's French Bakery - Provo

Biancas downtwon provo

Nestled in the heart of Provo, Bianca's French Bakery brings a touch of French elegance to Utah Valley. This bakery stands out for its exquisite pastries, including a range of Kro-Nuts that are a must-try. Their pies, particularly the Pecan Pie and the assortment of Cheesecakes, are crafted with precision and care, offering a slice of Parisian charm. With a cozy atmosphere and an emphasis on quality, Bianca's is a delightful spot for anyone looking to indulge in finely baked goods.

4. The Pie Sisters - Salem


The Pie Sisters in Salem have quickly become a local favorite, celebrated for their homemade pies that taste just like grandma used to make. From the flaky crusts to the luscious fillings, every pie is a work of art. The Banana Cream and Lemon Sour Cream pies are standout favorites, offering a perfect balance of sweetness and tang. The rave reviews and the community's love for this quaint shop make it a must-visit for pie enthusiasts.

3. The Crust Club - American Fork


The Crust Club in American Fork takes the concept of pies to a whole new level, offering both savory and sweet options that cater to any meal of the day. Their pot pies, including the Shepherd Pot Pie and Chicken Pot Pie, are comfort food at its best. For those with a sweet tooth, the Cookies & Cream Pie is an indulgent treat. This shop's innovative approach to pies, focusing on both flavor and convenience, sets it apart.

2. Grapefruit & Thyme - Lemon & Sage Market in Springville

grapefruit and Thyme pie

Grapefruit & Thyme, located within the Lemon & Sage Market in Springville, is a hidden gem that pie lovers will adore. Their weekly rotating menu of both sweet and savory pies ensures there's always something new to try. The Pistachio Raspberry Cream Pie and the Sugar Pie are just a glimpse of their inventive flavors, blending traditional techniques with modern twists. The option to pre-order or enjoy delivery makes accessing these delightful creations a breeze.

1. The Dessert Collective - American Fork


At the top of our list is The Dessert Collective in American Fork, a haven for dessert lovers. This shop stands out for its commitment to quality, variety, and the art of dessert making. Their pies, including the Eleanor's Coconut Cream and the Roasted Banana, are infused with passion and creativity. The Dessert Collective is more than just a pie shop; it's an experience, offering a wide range of desserts that cater to all tastes, including vegan options.

Each of these pie shops in Utah Valley offers something unique, whether it's the ambiance, the flavors, or the creativity behind each pie. From the French-inspired delicacies of Bianca's to the homey charm of The Pie Sisters, the innovative offerings of The Crust Club, the unexpected delights of Grapefruit & Thyme, and the all-encompassing dessert experience at The Dessert Collective, there's a slice of heaven waiting for everyone in Utah Valley.