Uncovering the Melodic Heart of Provo, Utah: A Special Feature on NPR's World Cafe

Provo Joins Elite Music Cities on NPR's World Cafe

Starting January 18th: A Deep Dive into Provo's Music Scene

PHILADELPHIA, JANUARY 15, 2024: Get ready to tune into an extraordinary exploration of Provo, Utah's music scene. NPR's acclaimed program World Cafe presents "Sense of Place: Provo, Utah," a special series broadcasting from January 18th to 26th. This in-depth feature places Provo alongside illustrious music cities like LA, Austin, and London, spotlighting its unique musical landscape.

Series Highlights: Local Legends and Upcoming Artists

  • January 18: The Aces - Provo's own indie pop band opens up about their journey and performs their latest hits.
  • January 19: June Audio & Velour Live Music Gallery - Discover Provo's state-of-the-art recording studio and a venue central to its performing scene.
  • January 22: JR Boyce at ABG’s Libation Emporium - A peek into Provo's sole music venue offering alcoholic beverages.
  • January 23: Provo Music Magazine - Zach Collier discusses the unique "Dusty Deseret" music genre.
  • January 24: Melody Clinger - A conversation with the leader of the first women's rock band.
  • January 25: Little Moon - The NPR Tiny Desk Contest winners share their story.
  • January 26: JTM - Provo's Mormon rapper reflects on his music and faith journey.

Experience Provo's Music Virtually

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More on World Cafe

Since its inception in 1991, World Cafe has emerged as a premier platform for music discovery. Reaching nearly 600,000 listeners weekly, the program is renowned for its artist interviews and in-studio performances, spanning a diverse range of genres.

Provo's Music Scene: A Closer Look

Downtown Provo Utah Valley

Vibrant, Diverse, and Uniquely Provo

The Heartbeat of Provo's Music Scene

  • June Audio Recording Studios: Hosting global stars like The Killers and Post Malone, this studio is a cornerstone of Provo's music industry.
  • Velour Live Music Gallery: Corey Fox's all-ages venue has been pivotal in launching bands like Neon Trees and Imagine Dragons.
  • ABG’s Libation Emporium: The only spot in Provo where live music and alcohol mix, offering a unique experience in the local scene.

Groundbreaking Musicians from Provo

  • The Aces: Their latest album reflects their experiences growing up in Provo's predominantly Mormon community.
  • The National Parks: This local band, a product of Provo's rich music environment, shares its experiences working with June Audio.
  • Little Moon: Winners of NPR’s 2023 Tiny Desk Contest, they represent the new wave of talent emerging from Provo.
  • JTM: A rapper who navigates his artistry within the framework of Mormonism, offering a unique perspective in the hip-hop genre.

Provo's Unique Genres and Influences

  • "Dusty Deseret" Music: A genre born in Provo, blending elements of Americana with local influences, as coined by Provo Music Magazine.
  • Women in Rock: The Clinger Sisters, pioneers in the rock scene, started their journey in Provo, pushing boundaries in the music industry.

Why This Series Matters

Shining a Light on Provo's Music Scene

World Cafe's "Sense of Place: Provo, Utah" is more than just a radio feature. It's a testament to Provo's diverse and vibrant music scene, showcasing its unique identity in the global music landscape.

For additional information and updates, visit utahvalley.com and follow our coverage of Provo's evolving music scene.