Really, what could be better than fluffy Kneaders all-you-can-eat french toast paired with Santa?! We found out that you can enjoy both in one setting this coming Monday at Kneaders Cafe in Provo! Take advantage of this opportunity to have some of the famous french toast, even after their normal serving hours of 11 am. And if you haven't had their french toast yet, you may go away craving it from here on out--so go treat yourself! We mean it.

Also, since Kneaders is located in Provo, we figured this would also be an excellent opportunity to check out the Riverwoods lights...Another must-do this season! You can also enjoy a traditional carriage ride through the shops to make the experience that much sweeter. Don't forget to take lots of pictures and stop in at Blickenstaff's for sweet treats from every decade and Christmas toys galore.

Kneaders event:
Monday, December 10
Kneaders Cafe in Riverwoods
French toast from 6-8 pm
Santa arrives at 7 pm
Pictures with Santa available until 8 pm!
More details here.

Riverwoods carriage rides and lights:
More details here.