We all have our favorite little shops in each of our downtown areas. They are what makes each city in Utah Valley so unique. This holiday season we are featuring different shops in some of the downtown cities right here in Utah Valley. After walking around and exploring each downtown, there are some great places to get your holiday shopping done! Today we are featuring the great city of Payson. 

Payson was founded in the fall of 1850, when pioneers were sent to establish several more settlements in Utah Valley -- every place where a stream flowed down from the Wasatch Mountains towards Utah Lake. Originally named Peteetneet Creek ( after the local Indian chief) was the location of the last settlement to be established in that year. The first group of settlers reached there on October 20, 1850, well into the fall season. Cabins were hurriedly built, to prepare for the coming winter.

A couple of months later, in December 1850, a meeting was held in James Pace's cabin and a branch of the church was organized with James Pace as president. Later the spelling was changed to "Payson". By the time the settlement was a year old, about 400 people were living there.

Our first stop was at Utah Trikes. They have been open for almost 10 years. They have the biggest selection of trikes we have ever seen! We even got to "test drive" a few of them :)

Dixon Meat has been in business for over 50 years. They cut game and offer frozen food lockers and different wrapping materials. They even still use the store's very first cash register! 

Morris Quilting offers flannel, embroidering, embossing, and screen printing. Perfect for any custom shirts for your loved ones! 

Morganson Custom Frames is a family business and has been around for 16 years. They can get your picture custom framed in about 3 weeks. They have a large selection of frames to choose from! They even offer quilting classes. 

Some of you may recognize the artwork from Karen's at your local Deseret Book or Seagull Book. And that's because they design and create everything in house right here in Payson! 75% of their business is making the pictures. They also offer custom framing. Karen's has been in business for 18 years.

Forget Me Not is the cutest store! They have all sorts of fun finds here. Besides selling flowers and doing arrangements, the owner, Renae, also offers unique gifts for customers.