Heading to Provo but don’t want to rent a car or take a taxi/Uber? Public transportation is a great option! Thanks to UTA’s TRAX and Frontrunner trains, getting to Provo is easy.

First, head to the Airport TRAX station. It is located at the south end of Terminal One pass the Southwest check in. There are plenty of signs to get you pointed in the right direction. Once you arrive, there are 2 machines on your right to buy tickets. Buying your train ticket is easy. Just purchase your Frontrunner ticket from North Temple to Provo. Click whether you are full fare or reduced fare. Enter cash or your credit card and pick up your tickets below. Once you’ve bought your ticket, head to the platform. To see when the next train will arrive, look up for the screens dispersed above the platform.

When the TRAX train arrives, enter and find a seat. Take the TRAX train to the North Temple Station. Get off and head down the escalators/stairs to the Frontrunner platform. Wait for the Southbound train which is on the east side of the platform. Check the monitors above to see when the next train will arrive.

Frontrunner trains are pretty nice for commuter trains with multiple levels of seating, seating with tables, bike racks, bathrooms, and outlets to charge your electronics. There is even free wifi! Take the Frontrunner all the way to the end of the line in Provo. And voila! You’ve made it!