PokemonGo has been taking the world by storm, and Utah Valley is no exception. Downtown Provo is thriving with Gyms and PokéStops at businesses, attractions, and hidden gems you may not have known about before. We compiled a list of Pokéstops from University Ave to 500 W and Center street down to 300 S.

Note: gyms will have a * symbol next to them, otherwise it is a Pokestop.


      1.  Convention Center

      2.  Dolphins Mural

      3.  Nick Ryan Art Monument

      4.  Okavango
Prince of Okavango

      5.  Mural History of Provo

300 W/Center

     6.   Brigham Young Academy

     7.   Zion’s Bookstore Waterfall

     8.   Freedom Tree

     9.   Friendship Tree

     10.   Great Salt Lake Guitar Company

     11.  Peru Painting

     12.  USS Wasatch Bell

     13.  Time Capsule


400 W/Center   

    14.  Blue Bike

    15.  Covey Center for the Arts


500 W (State St.)/Center

     16.  Provo Co-Op*

     17.  Historic Downtown Provo Sign


500 W/100 S

     18.  City of Provo Survey Marker

     19.  Beebe House Historic Site


400 W/100 S  

     20.  Historic Hines Mansion
Hines Mansion B&B

300 W/100 S

     21.  Provo Postal Credit Union

     22.  Old Provo High School

     23.  First LDS Seminary Building in Provo

     24.  Rock Church at Center Street

Freedom/100 S

    25.  The Rock Church

    26.  Nu Skin Fountain

    27.  Nu Skin Fountain

    28.  The New NuSkin

    29.  NuSkin Convention Center


100 W/100 S.

    30.  Provo Post Office

    31.  Provo City Center Temple*
    32.  Bit Art


    33.  8 Bit Art on Old Building

Freedom/200 S

    34.  Buffo’s Termite & Pest Control Mural

University Ave/300 S
    35.  Speaker Mural*

University Ave/200 S
    36.  Caring Hands Statue


University Ave/100 S

     37.  Paint

     38.  Escalante Trail Sign

     39.  Provo Courthouse

     40.  Historic Weeping American Elm

     41.  First Tabernacle Sign

University Ave/Center

     42.  Echo Theatre

     43.  Guru’s Cafe Graffiti
     44.  Mountain Mural

     45.  Lamppost Art

     46.  The Knight Block


     47.  Avenue Block Eagle

Avenue Block Eagle
  48.  Martha Hughes Cannon


University Ave/100 N

    49.  Central Bank Clock
    50.  Courtyard Fountain

Center/100 W

     51.  NuSkin Force for Good Statue

     52.  Sammy’s

     53.  Kafata II Statue

     54.  Abode Statue


There are still many more PokéStops in downtown Provo, and we will add and update as we go. To see the map, go here. Now go catch’em all and discover new businesses and sites you didn’t know were there! Happy catching!