The attraction of these pre-historic lizards never fades. We're talking about dinosaurs of course! Utah is known for being a hot bed of dinosaur fossils, and some of the best places to view these ancient creatures are here in Utah Valley! Come visit us and check out our world class dinosaur educational facilities.

The BYU Museum of Paleontology

Hours: 9 AM- 5 PM Monday through Friday

Address: 1683 N. Canyon Road, Provo, UT 84602

Phone: 801-422-3680

Price: Free

The BYU Museum of Paleontology was founded in 1976 to showcase the fossil collection of Dr. James a Jensen, a.k.a Dinosaur Jim. Dr. James Jensen focused his research and archaeological digs on the Intermountain West, with many of his finds originating here in Utah. Before the Museum of Paleontology was built, these fossils were housed underneath the BYU football stadium. With the building of the museum, these fossils now have a permanent home.

If you're looking for a great educational experience for you or your family, the BYU Museum of Paleontology is a great stop on your dino journey! Come in and peruse the collection of dinosaur bones, read facts about the dinosaurs and the time periods they lived in, or see fully assembled dinosaur skeletons from past era's. A few of the displays are hands-on, letting you touch these ancient artifacts. One of the coolest aspects of the Museum of Paleontology is the prep lab. Giant windows from the inside of the museum overlook students and faculty of the paleontology program as they cut bones out of rocks in the prep labs. You'll see them cleaning the bones, categorizing the fossils and preparing them for storage or to be shown on the museum floor. Here you get inside access to a day in the life of a Paleontologist. 



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Museum of Ancient Life

Hours: 10 AM- 8 PM Monday through Saturday

Address:3003 Thanksgiving Way, Lehi, UT 84043

Phone: 801-768-2300

Price: $15-$20

The Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point is a dinosaur lover's dream! This museum contains over 60 complete dinosaur skeletons on display, making it one of the largest dinosaurs exhibits in the world! Their working paleo lab gives you a sneak peak of the Barrosaurus the paleontologists are currently working on. Wander through and look on in awe at these beasts from another time! 

This museum is great for little ones, as they have numerous hands-on activities, including their toy dinosaurs at their erosion table and a quarry dig, where you can practice digging for dinosaur bones. Their Jr. Paleo Lab allows children to create their own molds and casts of dinosaur fossils or teaches them the basics of fossil prep. Kids attending these classes leave with a fun memento of their time here. 

Don't forget to catch a movie on the Mammoth Theater while you're here. The Mammoth Theater hosts multiple screenings of a variety of shows centered around science, geology, geography and nature. You can go on 3D adventures with ocean animals, roam the jungles with big cats, view the beauty of national parks and more!


Thanksgiving Point Dinosaurs