The Provo Grand Parade is one of the biggest parades in Utah. It attracts over 300,000 spectators every year. With so many people, having an enjoyable parade experience can be tough. But with some planning and these tips, you can watch the parade like a pro.

1. Parking

Cars in a parking lot

Finding parking can be a nightmare. But never fear! Here are some great parking spots close to the parade route.

  • The big LDS church on 900 E. and 300 N. (Free)
  • The parking lot north of the Convention Center on 100 N. and 200 W. (Free)
  • Freedom Blvd. has lots of parking sold by the Boy Scouts for $5

2. Escape Route

Exit sign 

Whether you want to duck out of the parade early or you're trying to drive around the parade, traffic can be stressful. The key is avoiding 900 East, University Parkway, and of course the parade route on University Ave and East Center Street. Here's a list of possible escape routes:

3. Shadiest Spots

Family sitting in the shade watching parade 

I promise there won't be any sketchy business going on in these spots, but there will be plenty of trees to keep you cool during the parade. If shade is what you're looking for, then your best bet is grabbing a spot on Center Street under the big trees.

4. Optimal Candy Spots

2 kids collide trying to get candy 

One of the best parts of the parade is all the candy people toss out. If you have kids (or a sweet tooth) you'll want to be towards the beginning of the parade route. You'll have a better chance of getting more candy than if you were at the end since the candy tossers start to run out by the time they connect up with Center Street.

5. Get There Early

A group of people camping out on University Avenue 

With so many people coming to see the parade, you want to get there early to snag a spot. On Center Street, you cannot save a spot until 5 AM Saturday morning. But on University Avenue, you can camp out the night before. Some people get really creative as you can see in the picture above...

6. Best Views

A marching band 

Want to get the best views? Then you'll definitely want bleacher seats. Instead of waking up early to stake your parade-watching spot, you can sleep in and mosey on over to your reserved seats. Sounds great, right? AND bleacher seats are only $7 each. You can get your tickets by coming into our Utah Valley Visitor's Center on the corner of Freedom and Center. Hurry, tickets are selling out fast!

I hope you enjoy the parade and have a wonderful Fourth! Post your Freedom Parade pics on Instagram with the hashtag #visitutahvalley to get the chance to be reposted on our Instagram profile.