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OREM, UTAH - November, 2019 – Knobby November is Mad Dog Cycle’s annual bike service promotion! Instead of waiting until the spring rush to get your bike’s necessary maintenance done, save BIG on time and money by taking advantage of this sale. 

"Here we are again in the shoulder season for cycling and with that brings our annual Knobby November promotion. We designed this program is designed to help bring awareness to the full suspension mountain bike service intervals that so many of us neglect to perform and then end up with mid-season downtime and more expensive repair bills. I encourage you to get your mountain bike suspension, brakes and hydraulic seat posts serviced before you put it away for the season.” - Randy Gibb, Owner

So what exactly is Knobby November? 

Knobby November is Mad Dog Cycles’ biggest and most popular service promotion of the year! So what is this sale all about? Two of the shop’s most experienced techs, Bryan Gibbs and Chris Bradford, answered some of the most frequently asked questions about Knobby November. 

What are the benefits of getting your bike serviced during Knobby November?

“At the end of a long season, dirt and grime work its way past the seals on your suspension. Manufacturers know this and so they design their products to help protect against these abrasive conditions. Unfortunately, this built-in protection is based on lubricants that get contaminated and seep out. In order to best protect your moving suspension systems, this oil needs to be refreshed and the seals changed on an average of 50-100 hours of riding. Knobby November is implemented at the end of the season specifically so that the bike can be in top shape when the weather warms back up again.” – Bryan

Why do your brakes need to be bled? How often should you get this service done?

“The fluid in your brake system heats and cools during the course of your favorite rides. Over time, this repeated heating and cooling will deteriorate your brake fluid and its effectiveness will diminish. Moisture and air can also be introduced into the brake system during normal riding. It is important to have your brakes bled at least once a year to make sure the fluid is in good condition and the brakes operate correctly.” – Chris

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