Vineyard City

  • 125 S Main Street
  • Vineyard, UT 84059
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  • Overview
    Vineyard was named by John Gilies who planted the first grapevines in the area. Vineyard is a small close-knit community located next to Utah Lake in western Utah County, seven miles northwest of Provo. The town consists mostly of farmland because a majority of its residents are dairy farmers. Vineyard was the location of Geneva Steel which was once the only steel mill west of the Mississippi. The Geneva Steel Plant was the largest and most significant of several defense-related industries in Utah during World War II. The plant opened in 1944, but operated for only two years as a U.S. government facility. After more than forty years of operation, the plant was shut down in early 1987. Vineyard has kept a steady population total during the last decade, hovering at about 150 residents. According to a city recorder, the city's population is dominated by two or three families. For example, the Holdaways alone account for about 20 households in the town. (Information courtesy UVEDA,