Sundance Scenic Lift Rides

  • 8841 North Alpine Loop Road
  • Sundance, UT 84604
  • (801) 223-4849
Enjoy scenic lift rides that offer a panoramic view of the mountain as you glide to the top of Ray’s Summit. After enjoying the impressive views during the lift ride on your way to the summit, take the opportunity to explore the mountain landscape. Venture off on some of our designated hiking trails or just sit and enjoy the mountain’s tranquil beauty. The lift will be waiting to transport you to the base where you can enjoy lunch in the Foundry Grill or a light snack in the Sundance Deli. The scenic lift ride makes for a truly memorable experience and offers the perfect opportunity to allow the mountain to work its magic.
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Sundance Halloween Lift Rides and Zip Tour

Come experience our spooky family friendly Halloween Lift Ride.Complimentary Halloween show will be showing at the base. The ride will last 45 minutes to an hour and take place on Ray’s Lift.... Read More