Squaw Peak Road

  • Provo to Springville
  • Provo, UT 84604
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  • Overview

    Squaw Peak Road is a mostly dirt road that travels through the scenic Mountain Valley's of Provo and Hobble Creek Canyons. If you decide to travel the full 28-mile roadway, you will see some of the most breathtaking views of the valley including Rock Canyon, Provo Peak, Cascade Mountain, Camel Pass, Spanish Fork Peak, Loafer Mountain and Mount Nebo. This is a popular mountain biking path and four-wheel trail, but four wheelers are required to access the road from Hobble Creek Canyon.

    To Access from Provo: Enter Squaw Peak Road through Provo Canyon HWY 189 Northbound. Approximately 2 miles up Provo Canyon there will be a right turn to Squaw Peak Road.  Drive approximately six miles and the road will fork, take left fork. You will pass the Squaw Peak campgrounds and the road becomes a dirt road. Past this point four-wheel drive is highly recommended. The road is opened mid-May to mid-October.   



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