Saratoga Springs City

  • 1307 North Commerce Drive, STE 200
  • Saratoga Springs, UT 84045
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  • Overview
    Saratoga Springs is located southwest of Lehi on the northwest shore of Utah Lake on State Highway 68. Saratoga Springs was officially incorporated on December 30, 1997, but its history dates back much further. The city is famous for its therapeutic Saratoga Hot Springs, named for the famous New York Saratoga resort. Early settler John C. Nagle owned the springs long before they were officially opened on July 24, 1884. When German immigrant John Beck purchased the ranch and surrounding land, he renamed it Beck's Saratoga Springs. By the mid-1910s, the land had changed hands several times. Over the next several decades several improvements to the area were suggested but never successful, but the Springs remained a popular destination. Also, a devastating fire destroyed much of the resort in the late 1960s. Saratoga Springs is now the first major city development on the west shore of Utah Lake. It has a population of just over 16,500 residents (2008 census). Saratoga Springs is governed by a mayor and five city council members. Saratoga Splash Day, the town's summer community festival, is held each July. (Information courtesy Saratoga Springs City, John W. Van Cott, UVEDA)