Rica's Pupusas

  • 610 W Center St.
  • Provo, UT 84601
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  • Overview
    Our story begins in Santa Lucia, El Salvador. Where our Mama was born and raised in very humble beginnings. At a young age she learned to survive on her own and learning how to cook was a must. At 20 years old she got married and had two girls. Dad had to come to America and a few years later she and the girls joined him as well. After living in San Diego and Maryland for a while- they moved to Utah and haven’t left since. One of her passions is to see people eat abundantly and enjoy her food. After working her whole life for others she finally decided to pursue her passion of cooking. She started off at her home, than the church and now here at Ricas Pupusas Restaurant. Her goal is to pay off the current loan the church has so a new church building can be built and than eventually one day own the property the restaurant is located in now to serve the community of Provo in a better way. She loves to give to others and she hopes to establish long lasting relationships with her clients thru her food. For now there is Limited dine-in but we’re an endless take-out restaurant serving amazingly delicious salvadorian food!!