Quiet Meadow Farm

  • 1800 East 1200 North
  • Mapleton, UT 84664
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  • Overview
    Quiet Meadow Farms has been around since 1994. We are nestled directly beneath the Sierra Bonita Mountains, in Mapleton Utah. There is no one behinds us for miles, which makes us very private and secluded. We have deer, elk, fox, pheasants, and many more native animals that wander our property. We even have a resident pair of Bald Eagles that live in the old cedars behind the barn. We see them flying daily. Sheep graze our fields 9 months of the year, with more than 80 baby lambs with their mothers. We rotate alfalfa crops and wheat crops, with heavy production each year. We have a large orchard right next to the barn that produces hundreds of bushels of organic apples, and peaches each year. Our guests are welcome to pick one to enjoy on their way home from an event. We have a large produce garden, and farm fresh eggs. We have just opened up our barn, for events.