Petroliana Museum

  • 4095 West Center St.
  • Provo, UT 84601
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  • Overview

    AAA Lakeside Storage has a Museum of Petrolania.

    Items like antique porcelain signs, an antique gas station, and close to a hundred antique gas pumps from 1917 pre-visibles to pumps in the late fifties. Some of the collection includes the only signs of their kind in Utah and some are extremely rare to find anywhere.

    Also included in the collection are antique cars and auto memorabilia from the good old days when gas was below $.20/gal! Cheap gas PLUS full service is what comprised the "good old days". At AAA Lakeside Storage we try to bring back the old fashioned SERVICE, we loan tools, greet you with a smile and try to be of help in a cheerful way. We like the "pay it forward" mentality and implement it as shown by our beautiful FREE display of Antique Gas Memorabilia called Petrolania.

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