Orem City

  • 56 North State Street
  • Orem, UT 84057
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    Five miles north of Provo off Interstate 15, lies the city of Orem. This city is the second largest in Utah County and the fifth largest in the state. Orem is nicknamed "Family City USA" because nearly 85% of its households are occupied by married couples and 50% of its residents are under 25 years of age. Orem was first settled on the Provo Terrace of ancient Lake Bonneville, which is the eastern shore of Utah Lake. The city extends from Provo on the south to the foothills of Mount Timpanogos on the north. Orem was organized in 1919 and was named after Walter C. Orem who was president of the Salt Lake and Utah Electric Interurban Railroad. The city was originally established as a farming community with widespread orchards and other commercially-grown produce. While the railroad allowed farmers' produce to be shipped to the state-wide market, a nearby cannery processed the goods for shipment. An unusual find in 1937 proved that the history of Orem City goes back much further than the 1800's. In November of that year, geologists uncovered the remains of a Hairy Mammoth, the Ice Age relative of the modern elephant. The complete skeleton of the mammoth was moved to the University of Utah's museum of Natural History. The skull is on public display where visitors are invited to touch this unique piece of history. The city of Orem is growing but it is still small enough to preserve its home-town atmosphere. Orem is home to major shopping centers, cultural centers, recreational attractions, and many high tech companies. It is also home to Utah Valley University, one of the fastest growing state colleges in the nation. Orem celebrates summer each June during SummerFest. Activities include contests, cook offs, parades, games, fireworks, talent festivals, and sporting events. (Information courtesy Orem City, Bob L. Moore, UVEDA)