Lindon City

  • 100 North State Street
  • Lindon, UT 84042
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  • Overview
    Lindon is a two-and-a-half mile stretch of farmland bordering Orem to the south, Pleasant Grove to the north, Utah Lake to the west, and Mount Timpanogos to the east. Settled in 1850 by Mormon pioneers, Lindon was originally named Stringtown because all of its first homes were built along a single road. Like nearby Grove Fort (now Pleasant Grove), the geography of the area was well suited to fruit production and livestock. In 1901, an old linden tree growing in the area was the local drop-off point for mail. Community leaders petitioned the government to build a formal post office at that location. When the official paperwork returned from Washington, D.C., it was incorrectly labeled "Lindon," not "Linden." The misspelled name was never corrected. Lindon was incorporated on March 5, 1924 after being divided from nearby Pleasant Grove. The city's settlement is unique in that it was not established on a sream or river. After it was incorporated, the city could legally divert water from nearby streams for irrigation. As a result, the city layout differs from other municipalities in that it is divided into clusters and subdivisions. Much like Pleasant Grove, Lindon's economy has shifted away from sole agricultural output toward larger commercial development. Home Depot, Canopy Group, and other corperations have moved into Lindon's prime real estate area along Interstate 15. Lindon is governed by a mayor and five city council members. The community's summer festival, Lindon Days, attracts members of the community each year in August. Events include concerts, athletic competitions, fireworks, a family picnic, and parades. (Information courtesy Lindon City, Beth Radmall Olsen, UVEDA)