Cedar Hills City

  • 3925 West Cedar Hills Drive
  • Cedar Hills, UT 84062
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  • Overview
    Nestled behind Highland, American Fork, and Pleasant Grove, Cedar Hills is truly off the beaten path on State Highways 146 and 92 in the northern end of Utah Valley. Incorporated on November 2, 1997, Cedar Hills boasts a unique mixture between a hometown feeling, one of the fastest growth rates in the Valley (300% in the last decade to just over 7,500 residents), and Utah Valley's lowest median age (18.5 yrs). Along with the first explorers of the Valley, early Mormon settlers began homesteading the area in late 1849 and early 1850. While these settlers were relatively unsuccessful at dry farming, they flourished in trapping animals such as wildcats, red foxes, bears, deer, skunks, and rabbits. They were also successful in turkey farming and livestock pasturing. The community was originally referred to as just "The Bench." Upon incorporation the city was renamed Cedar Hills because of the abundance of cedar trees in the area. The Cedar Hills bench (a geographical alluvial fan) eventually became a nationally renowned turkey farm. It was featured in 1939 advertisements for the National Poultry Congress of Cleveland, Ohio, in an NBC photographic documentary, and a 1962 Saturday Evening Post feature story. Today Cedar Hills is protective of its slow-paced natural atmosphere. Residents have been vocal in slowing building permits and other commercial development in favor of parks and trails and a pedestrian-friendly commerce center. Cedar Hills is governed by a mayor and five city council members. The Cedar Hills Golf Course is a 6,700-yard, 18-hole course at the mouth of American Fork Canyon. The Cedar Hills Family Festival is held annually and features fireworks, children's events, outdoor performances, and a golf tournament. (Information courtesy Cedar Hills City, John W. Van Cott, UVEDA)