Coney's Frozen Custard is a family owned restaurant located for the last 10 years in Orem at 242 East University Pkwy. We were able to stop by today and talk with the owner and enjoy some great food. I was not prepared for how amazing the food at Coney's was going to be.

Lets start with the hamburger. It was made with high quality beef on one of the softest buns I've had in a long time. They are made fresh at Great Harvest. The burger is topped with fresh lettuce, tomato, and onions covered in sauce. The cheese was melted perfectly and all the flavors together made an unforgettable hamburger.  Their burgers won Best in State in 2012. We also tried the Coney Dog. This is a fully loaded hot dog with chili, onions, tomato, and cheese on a fresh bun. Try the fries! We tried the normal cut as well as the waffle fries. Both were really good. I'd go back just for them.

Now lets talk custard. If you have never had custard before it's like ice cream in that it is a frozen dairy treat. Custard is richer and has a creamier texture. Everyday at Coney's you can pick from three flavors of custard: chocolate, vanilla, and the flavor of the day. Today the flavor was caramel cookie crunch. We were told some favorites are lemon chiffon, cherry amaretto cheesecake, and black raspberry. They put out a calendar every month so you know when your favorite flavor is coming up. They came up with all their own flavors and have around 50 different options. After you pick your flavor you can add toppings to customize your custard. Their topping options include (but aren't limited to) hot fudge, pineapple, Butterfinger, cookie dough, and pecans. If you don't want to pick yourself, you can always try on of there specialty sundaes, that's what we did! We had the strawberry shortcake and loved it. they start with angel food cake and top it with two scoops of Coney's vanilla custard and add in their signature strawberry topping. This thing was life changing.
If you are just looking for some custard to take home, they have that option too. You can pick up a pint at the restaurant.    

Summer Schedule: Monday-Thursday 11 a.m.-10 p.m.
                             Friday and Saturday 11 a.m-11 p.m.

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