The Sundance Film Festival is in full swing between Park City, Salt Lake, and Sundance Resort. Since 1978, the Utah Film Festival has made quite a splash among local and national filmmakers. 33 years of film history have taken place here in Utah County. Being a part of the film festival is a once in a lifetime kind of experience. 

We've compiled all the local flicks showing at Sundance Resort, so you don't have to make a long drive if you don't want to. For more details about the individual films, you can check the schedule here

Monday January 23rd

12:00 PM, The Big Sick- 119 min

SFF The Big Sick

3:00 PM, Untitled Buena Vista Social Club Documentary- 110 min [Spanish]

SFF Buena Vista

6:00 PM, The Wound- 88 min

SFF The Wound

9:00 PM, L.A. Times- 97 min
SFF L.A. Times

Tuesday January 24th

3:00 PM, The New Radical- 120 min
SFF The New Radical


6:00 PM, Mudbound- 132 min
SFF Mudbound

9:00 PM, Crown Heights- 99 min
SFF Crown Heights


Wednesday January 25th

12:00 PM, Chasing Coral- 91 min
SFF Chasing Coral

3:00 PM, Unrest- 97 min
SFF Unrest

6:00 PM, Marjorie Prime- 99 min
Sundance FF Marjorie Prime

9:00 PM, Wind River- 111 min
Sundance FF Wind River


Thursday January 26th

12:00 PM, Tell Them We Are Rising:The Story of Black Colleges & Universities- 85 min
Sundance FF We Are Rising

3:00 PM, Icarus- 110 min
Sundance FF Icarus

6:00 PM, 500 Years- 106 min
Sundance FF 500 Years

9:00 PM, The Polka King- 95 min
Sundance FF Polka King


Friday January 27th

12:00 PM, My Happy Family- 119 min
Sundance FF Happy Family

3:00 PM, Winnie- 98 min
Sundance FF Winnie

6:00 PM, Before I Fall- 99 min
Sundance FF Before I Fall

9:00 PM, Novitiate- 123 min
Sunance FF Novitiate


Saturday January 28th

12:00 PM, To The Bone- 107 min
Sundance FF Bone

3:00 PM, Menashe- 81 min
Sundance FF Menashe

6:00 PM, Rememory- 111 min
Sundance FF Rememory

9:00 PM, Sami Blood- 110 min
Sundance FF Sami Blood


Sunday January 29th

10:00 AM, Wilson- 94 min
Sundance FF Wilson

1:00 PM, The Last Word- 108 min
Sundance FF Last Word