The vibrant spring season in Utah Valley brings with it the delightful tradition of Easter egg hunts, creating memories that last a lifetime for children and teens alike. In 2024, the valley is brimming with opportunities to join the hunt and find those coveted eggs. Here’s your ultimate guide to 17 Easter Egg Hunts throughout Utah Valley, tailored for parents with kids ages 5-18.

Easter Egg Hunt

1. Lehi Teen Easter Egg Hunt

  • Date & Time: March 22nd @ 9 PM
  • Location: Lehi Sports Park
  • Visit Lehi City's Official Page
  • This unique event caters to the teens in your family, offering a thrilling flashlight egg hunt under the stars. Filled with cash prizes and candy, it's a perfect blend of excitement and competition for your older kids.


2. Lehi Easter Egg Hunt

  • Date & Time: March 23rd @ 10 AM
  • Location: Lehi Sports Park
  • Explore More on Lehi's Website
  • Lehi's annual Easter Egg Hunt is meticulously organized into age-specific areas, ensuring a fair chance for every child to find their share of eggs. Special needs accommodations are thoughtfully provided to include every child in the fun.


3. Lehi Character Easter Egg Hunt

  • Date & Time: March 23rd @ 10AM
  • Location: Wines Park
  • Character Easter Egg Hunt Information
  • This event adds a magical touch to the traditional egg hunt with the presence of favorite characters like Spider-Man and the Ice Queen. It’s a blend of fantasy and festive fun, with special prizes for the golden egg finders.

Easter Egg Hunt

4. Lindon Easter Egg Hunt

  • Date & Time: March 30th @ 9AM
  • Location: 400 N 800 W
  • Lindon Parks & Rec Details
  • Lindon's community gathers for a massive hunt with over 7,000 eggs scattered across Pheasant Brook Park. The event promises grand prizes and a variety of crafts and activities beforehand, making it a must-attend for families.


5. Highland Easter Egg Hunt

  • Date & Time: March 30th @ 10 AM
  • Location: 10400 North Alpine Highway
  • Highland City Arts Council Event
  • Highland's Easter festivities are a blend of creativity and tradition, featuring cookie decorating, storytelling, and a well-organized egg hunt. Prize tickets hidden in eggs add an element of surprise to the hunt.


6. Alpine Easter Egg Hunt

  • Date & Time: March 30th @ 10AM
  • Location: Creekside Park
  • Alpine Youth Council's Easter Celebration
  • Sponsored by the Alpine Youth Council, this hunt creates a communal atmosphere with various age-specific hunts and activities, ensuring a lively and engaging morning for the entire family.

Easter Egg Hunt

7. Saratoga Springs Easter Egg Hunt

  • Date & Time: March 23rd @ 9AM
  • Location: Neptune Park
  • Saratoga Springs Easter Event
  • A comprehensive event that includes food trucks, activities, and a visit from the Easter Bunny, making it more than just an egg hunt. It's a full morning of entertainment and joy for the community.


8. Saratoga Springs Easter Egg Hunt for Teens

  • Date & Time: March 22 @ 9PM
  • Location: Neptune Park
  • Saratoga Springs Night Hunt for Teens
  • Catering to the teen crowd, this after-dark egg hunt offers a unique twist on the Easter tradition, with great prizes that appeal to older kids looking for an adventurous night out.

Easter Egg Hunt

9. Eagle Mountain Easter Egg Hunt

  • Date & Time: March 23rd @ 10 AM
  • Location: Corey Wride Memorial Park
  • Eagle Mountain's Annual Hunt
  • Eagle Mountain distinguishes itself with a hunt that includes a section for adaptive needs, ensuring every child can participate in the fun. It's a compassionate and inclusive approach to community celebrations.


10. Vineyard Easter Egg Hunt

  • Date & Time: March 30th @ 9AM
  • Location: Vineyard Grove Park
  • Vineyard Community Gathering
  • Vineyard's egg hunt is a testament to community spirit, with a massive turnout and thousands of eggs. It's a free event that emphasizes fun and togetherness, making it a popular choice for families.


11. Springville Easter Egg Hunt

  • Date & Time: March 30th @ 9AM
  • Location: Memorial Park 200 S 600 E
  • Springville's Easter Celebration
  • This event is a showcase of community sponsorship, featuring breakfast food trucks, prize raffles, and a wide range of egg hunts divided by age. It's a comprehensive event that offers something for every family member.

Easter Egg Hunt

12. Spanish Fork Easter Egg Hunt

  • Date & Time: March 30th @ 9AM
  • Location: 295 Volunteer Drive
  • Spanish Fork Chamber's Easter Event
  • Hosted by the Spanish Fork Area Chamber of Commerce, this hunt is a vibrant community event that brings together families for a morning filled with excitement and Easter joy.


13. Santaquin Easter Egg Hunt

  • Date & Time: March 30th @ 9AM
  • Location: 190 S 400 W
  • Santaquin's Exclusive Hunt
  • Reserved for Santaquin residents, this event fosters a close-knit community vibe, ensuring that the local children have a memorable Easter filled with fun and camaraderie.


14. Pleasant Grove Easter Egg Hunt

  • Date & Time: March 30th @ 10AM
  • Location: Discovery Park
  • Pleasant Grove's Family Event
  • Organized by the Fraternal Order of Eagles, this egg hunt is a staple of the Pleasant Grove community, offering a range of activities and egg hunts for different age groups.

Easter Egg Hunt

15. Young Living Farms Easter Egg Hunt

  • Date & Time: March 30th
  • Location: 3700 Old Hwy 91, Mona
  • Young Living's Easter Extravaganza
  • Set against the backdrop of the iconic lavender farm, this event combines traditional Easter egg hunts with farm-themed activities, making it an unforgettable experience for the whole family.


16. Camp Floyd State Park Easter Egg Hunt

  • Date & Time: March 30th @ 1PM
  • Camp Floyd's Historical Hunt
  • Dive into history with an egg hunt at Camp Floyd State Park. This event offers a unique setting and an educational twist to the traditional Easter egg hunt, appealing to curious minds.


17. Edge Homes Easter Egg Hunt

  • Date & Time: March 16th @ 12PM
  • Location: Saratoga Park
  • Edge Homes Community Hunt
  • This early bird Easter egg hunt hosted by Edge Homes offers a great opportunity for families to jump into the Easter spirit, featuring plenty of eggs and activities for children of all ages.


As you plan your Easter festivities, consider adding these hunts to your calendar. Each event offers a unique experience, ensuring that every child in Utah Valley has the opportunity to partake in the joy and excitement of Easter egg hunting. Happy hunting, and may your Easter be filled with joy, family, and plenty of found eggs!