Ok, I have a confession... I like food. Maybe "like" is slightly an understatement. I LOVE food. I like how it looks, how it smells, how it tastes. I even like thinking about food, especially during those long workdays. Maybe I dream about food from time to time... Is anyone with me? Anyways, food makes me happier than most things, including cute chinchillas.

This week I am raving about Tucanos, heaven to both carnivore and and vegetarian alike. Here's the scoop: all you can eat meat with an all you can eat pasta/salad bar. You stay seated while friendly young men bring you swords of meat with a smile. Sounds like heaven? Well, it's Tucanos. I took my wife there to "celebrate" her birthday. The truth though is I just went for the meat. What was nice was the all you can eat salad bar. My wife isn't really into meat, to the point where it kind of scares her. I was able to enjoy the endless tsunami of meat swords while she loaded her plate with pastas and salad. That is the definition of win-win in my not so humble opinion. For those of you who are in the middle of the meat spectrum, Tucanos offers a wide variety of other meats that you can still enjoy. Personally I'm not hardcore enough to be a steak fan. Without steak I still enjoyed the many types of chicken, turkey, sausage, cod (my favorite) and shrimp. There are also grilled sides served like pineapple and veggies, for you health nuts out there.

Tucanos may be a little pricey for your family of 15, but for a work meeting or a date it is great. To save even more you can sign up for their birthday voucher. Tucanos mails you a postcard the month of your birthday. That card gets you a free meal with any other full meal purchased. Out of my favorite Provo eateries, Tucanos is just classic. The atmosphere is great and there is more food than you can know what to do with. I have to stop now, writing about Tucanos is making me too hungry. I'll definitely be going there after finals are over.

Here is the link to the birthday club signup: http://www.tucanos.com/birthday-club.html
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