Kimberly Corban
Kimburly Corban

Kimberly grew up in Greeley, Colorado.  In May of 2006 while attending the University of Northern Colorado, she was sexually assaulted in her college-area apartment by a stranger who broke in through a window. Upon surviving her rape, she immediately reported the crime to authorities.  She served as the key witness during her attacker’s trial and conviction in 2007.

Following her rapist's conviction, Kimberly made the brave decision to release her name to the media with the goal of helping even just one victim to have the courage to come forward.  This has proven to be a rewarding yet tireless effort to educate the public on sexual assault and the impacts these crimes have on survivors.

She has presented to advocate groups, high schools and colleges, justice professionals and various government agencies throughout the country on sexual assaults, using her case as an illustration for how the criminal justice system should work.

In 2013 she recounted her story for the Colorado Legislature in the face of a ban on campus carry rights, in hopes that her plea to allow students to defend themselves would be heard.   Her actions sparked a national debate about personal protection for victims of sexual abuse.

In 2016 she took her fight to a CNN Town Hall to confront President Obama on his Executive Action regarding gun control and how it impacts crime victims.  She has appeared on national television including CNN, Fox News, Hannity, Glenn Beck, Fox & Friends, ABC News, Wilkow and Jake Tapper, among others.

Her numerous radio and print media interviews, along with op-eds and active social media accounts, provide a platform for Kimberly to speak out on behalf of rape victims across the country.

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