Realistic Firearms Training Without A Live Fire Range


Tony Lambraia

The UTM system is a safe and effective training alternative to Live Fire for people of any skill Level. Using safely converted pistols or AR-15 style rifles and UTM training ammunition, shooters experience full firearm function and realism while allowing them to train virtually anywhere, without the need for a live fire range.  

Our system allows you to safely convert any AR-15, as well as a variety pistols, in seconds with no gun-smithing. The result is a gun that loads, fires, cycles and recoils like your live firearms but utilizing a low velocity, quiet target marking projectile.  

All UTM converted firearms will NO LONGER fire a live round, making them both safe and effective for training.  This technology was previously only available for Law Enforcement and Military personnel, but is now being offered to both instructors and responsibly armed citizens alike for the most realistic firearms practice available.

Uses of UTM Ammunition and Conversions

For New Shooters: Safely converting a live AR-15 or Semi-Automatic Pistol to fire only UTM is quick and easy and great for introducing beginners to both personal protection and the shooting sports without the intimidation or noise of the live fire range.

For More advanced Shooters: UTM allows you to replicate real-life environments and scenarios and safely challenge yourself with drills and practice that cannot normally be performed on most live fire ranges.  Movement, 360 degree targets, utilizing cover or shooting around vehicles can now be a safe part of your realistic training sessions.

For Instructors: UTM allows you to broaden your student base and expand course offerings by providing an ultra-safe and realistic training tool for your courses. You should be limited only by your imagination not by your equipment.

Topics covered in this course will include but are not limited to:

  • The safe and effective use of UTM for firearms practice without a live fire range
  • Introducing basic firearms manipulation and marksmanship to new shooters using UTM without the risks of live fire
  • Correcting “training-scars” created by the linear, live fire range
  • How to safely develop realistic and interactive self-defense training in simulated real world environments using UTM (Carbine and Pistol)
  • Incorporating practical self-defense firearms skills into training including movement, reloads, shooting from a seated position, decision making, shooting around cover and more

Gear Requirements (provided by student):

  • Eye protection
  • Comfortable clothing and footwear

UTM will provide ammunition and converted firearms.

Note: This course will not involve force-on-force scenarios.  The drills will be interactive at times but UTM marking rounds will only be fired upon targets or UTM instructor role players (NOT participants).

Instructor: Tony Lambraia

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