2017 Range Day

GLOCK Modular Optic System Familiarization Course

Joseph Parent III

What is the GLOCK Modular Optic System (MOS)?

GLOCK engineers have developed the GLOCK Modular Optic System to simplify the mounting of popular optic sights, without the costly custom machining of the pistol’s slide.

Optical sights are popular in competitive shooting and are becoming increasingly popular for concealed carry, home defense and target shooters.

In this course you will learn:

  • The Fundamentals of Marksmanship and how to integrate the Modular Optic System into the shooting solution.
  • Presentation of the GLOCK MOS Pistol from the Holster
  • Firing of the GLOCK MOS pistols.

Students will be required to wear a sturdy belt capable of supporting the weight of a holstered pistol and magazines.

Instructor:  Joseph William Parent III

In 1993 at the age of eighteen, Joseph joined the United States Marine Corps. As an Infantry Marine, Joseph attended USMC Boot Camp in Paris Island, SC. He then attended Marine Combat Training and then Marine Infantry Training at Camp Geiger, NC.

Upon being assigned as a Scout for 2D Tank Battalion, 2D Marine Division, Joseph became a marksmanship instructor for his unit. He qualified as an Expert Marksman with the rifle and pistol fifteen times out of his sixteen years and nine months of service.   

Joseph attended Amphibious Reconnaissance Course in 1996 and was assigned to 2D Force Recon Company.

He’s attended:

USMC Sniper School, Basic Airborne School and Military Free Fall School and USMC Combative Dive School

FBI Firearms Instructor Course, NRA LE Rifle and Pistol Course, LA SWAT Instructor Course, Georgia State SWAT and Sniper Courses

II MEF Urban Sniper Course, USMC Breaching Courses, Close Quarters Battle Courses

Plus many other courses while at 2D Force Recon Company. Joseph was assigned with II MEF Special Operations Training Group as a Combative Marksmanship, Explosive Breaching and Urban Sniper Instructor from 2000-2004.

He deployed to Iraq with 2D Force Recon and then later to Afghanistan with Marine Special Operations Command.

Joseph was hired at GLOCK in 2015 as the Deputy Director of Training and GSSF.

In January of 2017 Joseph was promoted to the Director of Training and GSSF.

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